Thanks to Secret Dalmatia we are proud to inform you of today’s event

If you are in Zadar/Biograd region today…
Between the walls of bygone times relish the dishes of our mothers, grandmothers and great-grandmothers: pasta beans, gnocchi, boiled octopus, clams, ham, cheese … salty and sweet: almonds in sugar, fritters and more. Behold the costumes, arts and crafts of women from this area through centuries. Come today to the Festival of Our Mother’s Habits, to the stone streets of the old Pakostane, just 5 km from Biograd. This festival is a tribute to women history never noted10377241_663200570424082_2874247501152090296_n 10409202_663200660424073_6716222770495202241_n 10511197_663200617090744_4930121871853771251_n 10556512_663200897090716_4175272479784243777_n

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