Discover historic sites and traditional dishes of Zagorje

Following our mobile application guide, we invite you to try out this Historic gasto tour through Zagorje with visits to historic sites – castles of  Trakošćan and Veliki Tabor as well as Kumrovec

This is a thematic gastro tour for history lovers! Explore Croatian Zagorje with its historic sites, castles, manor houses, and churches.

Explore the historic castle of Trakošćan, learn about the legends of Veliki Tabor, and experience the ethno village of Kumrovec.


After travelling through time and historic sites, the tour ends at the famous restaurant Villa „Ventek-Zelenjak“, opened way back in 1936. Here, you will enjoy the best of Zagorje specialties and enjoy this peaceful location near the Sutla River:



download (3)

In order to find out more, or book one of our thematic gastro tours, please contact Mr. Igor Horvatić per e-mail or phone:


cell: +38598302464

web sites:


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