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If you are in Zadar/Biograd region today…
Between the walls of bygone times relish the dishes of our mothers, grandmothers and great-grandmothers: pasta beans, gnocchi, boiled octopus, clams, ham, cheese … salty and sweet: almonds in sugar, fritters and more. Behold the costumes, arts and crafts of women from this area through centuries. Come today to the Festival of Our Mother’s Habits, to the stone streets of the old Pakostane, just 5 km from Biograd. This festival is a tribute to women history never noted10377241_663200570424082_2874247501152090296_n 10409202_663200660424073_6716222770495202241_n 10511197_663200617090744_4930121871853771251_n 10556512_663200897090716_4175272479784243777_n

Gastro tours “Croatian Cuisine” take you to Slavonia!

Gastro tours “Croatian Cuisine” now take you to Slavonia!

Enjoy your travel and taste famous Slavonian wines and delicacies.

Wine and gastro tour to Ilok and famous wine cellers of Ilok


Exprience the beauty of traditional Slavonia, travel through the historic city of Vukovar all the way to Ilok! The town of Ilok with its medieval fortress is protected as a cultural heritage of Croatia. The easternmost settlement in Croatia, Slavonian town Ilok, is traditionally known for its wine brands. In the 16th and 17th centuries, the Odescalchi dukes built the town’s famous wine cellars, the Old Cellars of Ilok (Stari iločki podrumi). We will visit the exact wine cellars and enjoy best wines of Ilok.


Ilok is especially famous for its traminac and silvanac, along with wine tasting, you will try typical Slavonian dishes such as fiš-paprikaš, Slavonian kulen, different types of sausages, etc. at the historical site of wine cellars of Ilok and the restaurant that is traditionally top destination for wine lovers and  gourmands.

stari podrum


To book this tour, please contact Mr. Igor Horvatić:


cell: +38598302464

FIFA World Cup 2014 – Croats ready for the kick off on June 12 th

Brazil and Croatia meet in World Cup opening match on June 12th in Arena de Sao Paulo in the first Group A game!



Croatia is a land of great food, strong sense of national identity  and passionate football lovers!!!


Thus the team of mobile application “Croatian Cuisine” will offer free downloads of the app on June 12th for all those passionate fans of Croatian football team and Croatian food!


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Discover historic sites and traditional dishes of Zagorje

Following our mobile application guide, we invite you to try out this Historic gasto tour through Zagorje with visits to historic sites – castles of  Trakošćan and Veliki Tabor as well as Kumrovec

This is a thematic gastro tour for history lovers! Explore Croatian Zagorje with its historic sites, castles, manor houses, and churches.

Explore the historic castle of Trakošćan, learn about the legends of Veliki Tabor, and experience the ethno village of Kumrovec.


After travelling through time and historic sites, the tour ends at the famous restaurant Villa „Ventek-Zelenjak“, opened way back in 1936. Here, you will enjoy the best of Zagorje specialties and enjoy this peaceful location near the Sutla River:



download (3)

In order to find out more, or book one of our thematic gastro tours, please contact Mr. Igor Horvatić per e-mail or phone:


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Croatian Cuisine team recommends! Discover gastro Istria

We recommend a new gastro tour!

Istrian gastro tour  – visit the smallest town in the world – Istrian Hum, as well as  Motovun and  Brtonigla




Istrian town of Hum  is known as the smallest town in the world, and together with Motovun, a picturesque medieval town built on top of a cone-shaped hill with a flat plateau, and Brtoniglia with its distinguished winemakers and olive growers, altogether present  the most attractive Istrian touristic destinations. You will have a taste of specific Istrian dishes and best wines at the famous Hotel and Gourmet Restaurant „San Rocco“ that is a member of the Association des Jeunes Restorateurs d’Europe, and finds itself on the very top position of the Istrian and Croatian gastro scene.  Istrian cuisine is based mainly on typical seasonal specialties, such as fish, truffles, mushrooms, wild asparagus and other typical Istrian specialties.



Check out “San Rocco” in Brtonigla:




In order to find out more, or book one of our thematic gastro tours, please contact Mr. Igor Horvatić per e-mail or phone:


cell: +38598302464

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Thematic gastro tours „Croatian Cuisine“

Croatia is a country well-known for its exquisite national dishes. Our mobile application “Croatian Cuisine” offers you the best choice of finest Croatian dishes that will most certainly motivate  you to start a gastronomic investigation of this country, while the diversity and richness of flavors will challenge and tempt your palate in every part of Croatia.

Once you download the mobile application „ Croatian Cusine“ inevitabelly, you will seek more and more exciting tastes and authentic gastronomic sites where you can enjoy Croatian national food.

We invite you to discover our rich gastronomic heritage as well as history of various counties of Croatia through one of our thematic gastronomic tours!

Download the app „Croatian Cuisine“, check out our one-day gastro tour itineraries and take off with us!

We present our first tour:

1. Baroque gastro tour and visit to medieval castle Trakošćan  

Experience Croatian Zagorje, and visit the historical site – the castle Trakošćan. Trakošćan Castle was built in the 13th century and was originally a small medieval castle. Croatian Zagorje is known as  the green gem of Croatia, together with astonishing nature, this part of the country is well known for its delicacies such as štrukle, turkey with mlinci, various traditional sweets, etc. As we propose within our mobile application, in order to enjoy typical delicacies, you will taste the best of Zagorje cuisine at the national restaurant „Zlatne gorice“ at Gornji Kneginec. Along with the most tasteful dishes of Zagorje, you will try the wine sorts of this area.

Zagorske štrukle – a national delicacy


Enjoy your food and nature at “Zlatne gorice” 

download (2)


In order to find out more, or book one of our thematic gastro tours, please contact Mr. Igor Horvatić per e-mail or phone:


cell: +38598302464

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Slavonia and Posavina face floods

During the last couple of days, Slavonia and Posavina, parts of Croatia that are known for their gastronomic heritage, beautiful nature and great hospitality, are  facing hard days caused by the worst floods in the last 100 years.


The banks of Sava River failed to uphold the level of incoming water, what led to massive floods in the region Slavonia and Posavina and inhabitants are being evacuated from their flooded homes. Rescue teams have been active all the time, all over the country people are uniting to gather medicines, food, clothing…

Please join the Croatian Red Cross in helping the people affected by floods!

You can donate from abroad by: making a cash transfer to the bank account IBAN: HR 6923400091511555516 ref. nr. 08 (multi-currency account SWIFT: PBZGHR2X) or see more options on the link beneath


Mobile application “Croatian Cuisine” – the first Croatian guide to indigenous Croatian gastronomy!

“Croatian Cuisine” is the name of the new Croatian mobile application launched in the form of an inventive culinary guide that primarily helps users find their way through leading indigenous and traditional Croatian dishes and delicacies. In the period of three weeks, it has already been downloaded 5000 times!

The scents of Lika polenta or Zagorje žganci with sour milk, sweet taste of homemade corn bread, ham, olives, smell of cooked cabbage and sausage, cabbage rolls, salted sardines, pašticada, Zagorje strudel or greaves, smell fritters or rožata – through the application “Croatian Cuisine” tourists can venture out and explore every corner of Croatian gastronomy, in six languages – Croatian, English, German, Italian, French and Spanish.


Besides the features of classic cookbook, that brings the ingredients and instructions for preparation for every prominent local dish, the application “Croatian Cuisine” allows users to access a gastronomic guide with geocoded map, helping them in this way to find the origin of Croatian national delicacies, and restaurants where they can taste the same.

“Foreign tourists no longer buy heavy and expensive guides, but they are all interested in travel planning and selection of tourist destinations and arrival at the destination available on their smartphones. Croatia is known as a land of premium gourmet experiences and this application offers each guest the best of traditional Croatian cuisine of our grandmothers,” says Andreja Horvatić, the author of the mobile application “Croatian Cuisine” and director of Pro and Ltd, who developed this application over a period of twelve months, with the support of the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Ministry of Tourism oft he Republic of Croatia. “The idea was born out of actual necessity. It is so true that tourists and visitors of Croatia always talk about our gastronomy and exquisite tastes of out national food. Our mobile application is the perfect tool for interactive investigation of old and traditional tastes of Croatia. I also believe that Croatian immigrants will also be the ones who will use this application a lot too, and retelling the flavors of their motherland, that we remind them of in the application. This is a true gastronomic guide packed with photos and I believe that many tourists will soon knock on the door of agencies around the world with the desire to visit the magic and delicious Croatia” says Andreja Horvatić.

Also, the mobile application “Croatian Cuisine” is an entirely Croatian “product” – with the authorship of Andreja Horvatić, the application was developed by two Croatian companies  – Interactive1 and Grafikon.

The mobile application “Croatian Cuisine” is available worldwide via the iPad, iPhone, Android phone and tablet platforms, and is available for download in the App Store and Google Play Store with direct download links avalable on the official web page: